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Traveling and Transporting Your Pet

This site is created to give information on those who have problems in transporting their pets to other places. If you are planning on moving out or you have plans in going abroad, Pet Moving will help you transport your pet.

Most people when they travel abroad or move from another place don’t know what to do with their pets. If they could just easily bring them to these public transportation, maybe these pets have gone around the world with their owner. But it is not that easy since there are laws regarding pets travel. This law banning importing and exporting pets, acts primarily to protect animals from being smuggled.

It also protects the animals, especially those endangered species from becoming extinct. It also prevents the spread of animal disease from country to country. Aside from that, the safety of the passengers is also important, so pets and animals are prohibited inside public transportation.

This law has put a burden to those pet lovers whose intention is to bring their pets with them. Well, you can rest your worried mind because the good news is, we here at Pet Moving will assist you transport your pets and animals in the destination of your choice, anywhere in the world.

We cover land, air, sea transportation keeping your pets safety while you wait for them. We will assist you also in obtaining health certificates and your pet’s travel documents. We will provide your pet safe boarding while your pet has not reached you.

Transporting your pets requires proper handling and careful planning since these pets are not accustom to flying or sailing. It will cost their health. We have professionals who are experienced to meet your pets need during travel.

If you are moving yourself within the country and you will travel it with you, here are some tips that we can give you:

  1. You have to plan which transportation you will have. Is it going to be by air, land or sea?
  2. Bring your pet to the veterinary for health examination. The vet will give you medicine for travel so it will not get stress. He will check if your pet is fit to travel. He will also provide you documents about the complete health status of your pet.
  3. Before you go to the place where you are going to move, make a research about the animal regulations in that particular area so that they may allow you to pass with your animal on the border, to prevent detaining of your pets.
  4. Always carry your pet’s record because some areas perform a random check on every vehicle that passes along the high-way. This record contains your pet identification, and that proves he has no current illness. It has also the vaccinations covered by your pet. If you are transporting your pet in other country, know their rules and regulations for transporting to avoid confiscation.

There are certain regulations when transporting your pet to another country. Some country will allow you to bring either your cat or dog other. Other pets they will not allow. If you proclaim it as part of your extra baggage, you will be allowed to process your claim on your own as long as you have the right documentation. Upon your arrival, you will go to the airport quarantine office and pay for a fee and get your pet’s health certificates provided to you by a government affiliated vet. On the quarantine personnel, they may require your pet for one week quarantine to make sure your pets is free from any illness.

If you proclaim your pet as an air cargo, you are not allowed to process your claim to your pet but instead, a relocation pet agent will do the claiming. Your pet will only be release if the relocating agent will have the necessary documents which are your pet’s vaccination record and his health certificate.

This is what we do in Pet Moving. We can help you transport your pet as cargo. Since we have been in business for years, we are already known among many airport personnel and we can access them directly and with ease. This will save you time and worries. And once you have arrived in the area or any country that you reach, we will deliver your pet at your electronic dog door safe and I good condition.

If you want to know more about our procedures, you can contact us through our email, telephone or fax. Our personnel are competent and friendly, and they will accommodate you. You can pay a visit on our office and you can check our facility. Our transporting staff is well-trained in handling your pet. So, you do not have to worry about your pet or even the money you will spend. So if you want to consider us, we will not lose your trust and confidence.

Photo by Maria Teneva on Unsplash.